I am an amateur photographer with years of experience.  I am available for all of your photographic needs:
    • Child Photography
    • Birth Photography
    • Weddings
    • Events, (birthday parties, etc)
    • Family Portraits
    • Whatever you desire!

    A Few Examples: 

    Birth Photography Ocotber 2011:
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    Pumpkin Patch Kids September 2011:


    {S} Maternity Shoot July 2011:

    If you couldn't tell, this family is a blast to photograph. I love this pic- every family member gets a circle. :)
    I am not the biggest fan of B&W pics, but this one looked so nice in it...

    These next two are the same shot, one in B&W... I couldn't pick which one I liked better so I posted both....

    {S} Mini Maternity shoot June 2011:

      {G} Family December 2010:

      This was much less dark when it was larger and not on the blog. hmm...
      I usually hate when photogs over do it with sepia/b&w effects. I promise this is usually not my practice. However I needed it for this shoot. 1. the lighting was too bright since it was overcast and images like the one above looked too washed out without a little help, and 2. images like the group below are just so pretty in an effect, and 3. sometimes it just looks cool in little amounts like the 2 above group shots.

      Oh, and if these next 3 do not melt your heart, you need to change your name to The Grinch.

      It may be out of focus, but how cute is this? :)
      How great is this pic of E?! :)

      {S} Family August 2010:

      {R} Kids Candid Shots June 2010:

      My Daughter Spring 2011:

      Is this not the funniest thing you have ever seen!?

      Boston Massachusetts April 2010:

      {P} Kids Just For Fun Shoot:

      Photoshop work:
      I took this picture, and I did the artwork and added the text.

      My Favorite Subject: